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Model number YJD-Console Table
Dimension Customized
Material Quality Customized
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customized:according to the customer's specified material, specified colour, specified size and specified shape.

  1. Comfortable workspace: Each group of operating consoles adopts straight shape design, the depth of the table 900mm, the height of the table 750mm, the height of the screen 300mm, the total height of 950mm, the depth of the bottom cabinet 600mm, improving the operator's leg space. 

  2. Effective storage space: console cabinet depth 600mm each group can easily accommodate 2 PC hosts and 2 power plugs fixed. 

  3. Reasonable wiring: the back of the console has a through-length wiring gap, desktop monitor data lines and light lines from this into the interior of the console, in the lower part of the rear countertop and the bottom of the console are provided with up and down adjustable lateral through-length cable groove steel base plate, so that each power lines, data lines and ground wiring separately, while also providing a double cable channel, can be separated from the weak and strong power, cable grooves on the enough space, according to the need to install power sockets and power plugs nearby. There is enough space on the cable management slot to install power sockets and multiple information points nearby as needed, and the reasonable way of wiring makes the overall line layout neat and beautiful. 

  4. Perfect heat dissipation effect: using the principle of airflow exchange, there are more heat dissipation holes on the front and rear steel baffles, and there is a large space reserved for heat dissipation at the bottom of the console and the upper part of the front door, which can fully guarantee the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

  5.  Material description: the table top and the two side panels are made of 25mm thick triamine plate, the main load-bearing cabinet is made of 1.5mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the operator's console screen hanging groove is made of high-quality aluminium profile plate stamped at one time, and the surface is treated with artwork. 

  6. Dimensions: 25mm thickness of the amine plate, the main frame of the cabinet steel plate is 1.5mm thick, and the door of the steel plate is 1.0mm thick.