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T012 training folding table manufacturer chinese

Model number YJD-T012
Dimension Customized
Material Quality metal leg&beam with powder coated finish
Carton Packing Carton packing
Apply Folding Table/Training Folding table/School Foldable table/Folding table steel frame
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Material:Metal with powder coated finish;
Frame Thickness:1.2MM;
Panel thicknesses: 25MM
Function:for office room,meeting room,school,factory,hospital

Only for metal frame:

Fit for table size(with panel):

Office furniture is an important component of the office, which not only affects the work efficiency and comfort of employees. But also reflects the image and culture of the enterprise. With the changes of the times and the progress of technology, office furniture is also constantly innovating and developing. From traditional solid wood furniture to modern intelligent furniture, the style and function of office furniture have undergone significant changes. So, what are the characteristics and advantages of modern office furniture?

1、More comprehensive modern features
The biggest feature of modern office furniture is that it is more powerful, comprehensive, and effective in meeting different office needs. The combination of modern office furniture and intelligent systems is a prominent feature of modern office furniture. It not only reduces the consumption of human movement costs, but also shortens usage efficiency and provides more convenient functions. With the arrival of the 5G era, the comprehensive intelligence of office furniture is a major feature of modern offices.
For example, a lifting desk is an intelligent office furniture that can automatically adjust the height of the desk according to the height and posture of employees, allowing them to freely switch between standing and sitting states, Thereby improving work posture, preventing cervical and lumbar diseases, and improving work efficiency and health.
Takeaway: In addition, folding office chairs are also a convenient type of office furniture. Small in size, folding can save a lot of storage space and help make more effective use of space. At the same time, the folding chair is lightweight and compact, without sharp parts, so carrying and using it will not harm people.It can also be applied to various occasions such as school classrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, etc.

2、A simple and fashionable style
Another characteristic of modern office furniture is its simple and fashionable style, which conforms to the aesthetic values and trends of modern people, and also reflects the modernization and innovative spirit of the enterprise. The design of modern office furniture emphasizes the smoothness of lines and the combination of colors, avoiding excessive decoration and tedious details, giving a simple and lively feeling. At the same time, it also saves space and materials, improves usage efficiency and environmental friendliness.
For example, the front desk is the facade of an enterprise, and its design and style directly affect the customer's first impression. The front desk of modern office furniture generally adopts simple geometric shapes such as circles, squares, curves, etc., combined with bright colors such as white, black, blue, etc., to create a sense of modernity and professionalism, while also reflecting the brand image and cultural concept of the enterprise.
In addition, conference rooms are important places for enterprises, and their design and style directly affect the effectiveness and atmosphere of meetings. Modern office furniture conference rooms generally use simple lines and large areas of glass. Combined with soft lighting, to create an open, transparent, and comfortable feeling, while also facilitating communication and creative thinking.

3、Humanization and health oriented
The last characteristic of modern office furniture is humanization and health. It focuses on the work experience and physical and mental health of employees, and also reflects the humanistic care and social responsibility of enterprises.The design of modern office furniture emphasizes the principles of ergonomics and the concept of green environmental protection. Enable employees to enjoy comfort and safety at work, improve job satisfaction and loyalty.
For example, file cabinets are commonly used furniture in offices, and their design and use directly affect employees' work efficiency and safety. The filing cabinets of modern office furniture generally use lightweight materials, such as aluminum alloy, melamine faced chipboard, etc., which reduces the weight of the filing cabinets, facilitates movement and handling. And also reduces material consumption and pollution, improving environmental friendliness.
All in all, the characteristics and advantages of modern office furniture are mainly reflected in three aspects: more comprehensive modern functions, simple and fashionable styles, humanization and health. These characteristics and advantages not only meet the office needs and aesthetic values of modern people, but also enhance the image and competitiveness of enterprises, making them an essential choice for modern offices.